I'm a Senior Software Engineer with master degree in Computer Science, passionate about creating web applications powered by Ruby on Rails.

I started working at Moze (mozestudio.com) as Quality Assurance Engineer. I was involved in use-cases and scenario planning to help developers writing better software with the help of some automated tools.

In 2015 I started a new career journey at Zero (zero.it). In the beginning I was employed to maintain large scale PHP Web application. After a few months I started approaching to Ruby's world and I took part in the development of complex Web applications mainly using Ruby on Rails. Among the most important projects I've worked on are Dove e Come Mi Curo (doveecomemicuro.it), Mistermatic (mistermatic.it) and many others.

At the end of 2018 I moved to Pazienti.it (pazienti.it) where I was tasked of leading the technical team through decisions that the company would have used in the next few years to implement its products.

Now I'm working at WiseEmotions (wisemotions.com) as Ruby Team Lead. In this fast moving company, technical heart of Telepass S.p.A. (telepass.com), I design, develop and maintain many Ruby on Rails api-only microservices written with TDD approach.